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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding polocrosse and playing the game! If you have another question please ask.

Affiliating and playing polocrosse in WA


To find a club near you go to the clubs tab this will show you the location of the clubs in our association – you can make contact to go watch a game or training.

To see the fixtures for when games are on go to the tournaments tab.

Want to pay up and join?


Secretaries need only accept club fees and mark off, the rest is up to the member.

How to become a member to play in 2021

1/ The Club Secretary must tick the club members as paid club  membership. This will make the member awaiting renewal when they log into the database

2/ The members log into their personal membership

3/ Click on renew membership

4/ Check all details and tick all the appropriate boxes ( this is where they change the member catergory to Social, Limited, Trial, etc).

5/ Click Pay Now – if you are social select upgrade if you are awaiting renewal select renew

6/ Complete the payment information and submit.

7/ You receive a receipt and your membership is financial immediately keep a copy of this receipt

Please take this opportunity to carefully check ALL your details, in particular playing category and your Contacts.  The State Office relies on this information to contact players re Team Selections etc.

The whole process should take less than 5 minutes, and yes, you are Financial immediately

Member numbers and passwords

When you have paid your club fee ask your secretary for your member number for access to the DB.

If they cannot remember your password or have never had one it will be one of two options

  1. Postcode (members who have been on the DB two years or less)
  2. Member number – minus the W and the 3 add a 0 for example member number W310233 would be a password of 010233 (members older than two years in the DB)
  3. If you cannot remember your password enter ????? In the password field and it will revert to asking your DOB to access
  4. In all instances once you have entered the DB it will ask you to enter a new password for security purposes

If the DOB in the DB is incorrect the only way you can change this is through the SEO – please email the member name and number and correct DOB I will enter this create the new password which will be generic and pass this back on to the member to access the DB and change to their preferred password!


Do NOT go in and try out the upgrade and then cancel out when it comes to the payment. If you do it will change to AWAITING UPGRADE and you will need to pay the fees to play.


Fees 2021

(3 carnival)
(3 carnival)



Transfers interclub, interstate, overseas


Interstate Transfer

A player transferring permanently from one state to another must complete the following in the database

 Lodge an Interstate Transfer Application

  • When you wish to transfer Interstate you need to choose which state you are going to and then click select state.
  • Then complete the Membership Details section at the bottom of the page with the Zone and Club you wish to transfer to. Click on submit.
  • Your transfer will now go to the club you are going to and from, the two state Directors of Umpiring that you are leaving and going to and also the PAA director of Umpiring for approval before the transfer takes place.

Enquiry on my Interstate Transfer Application

  • You can see here which club and states have approved your transfer.

 It is the transferring player’s responsibility to have this completed and approved at least 7 days prior to the carnival being played with the new club.

For players entering WA there may be a fee payable to the PAWA prior to playing. Please check this fee with the host state if transferring to another state from WA.

Borrowed player
If you are playing for any club other than the one you are registered with you must obtain a letter (email) from that club stating they give you permission to play for “xxxxxx” club at “xxxxxx” tournament.
This letter (email) must be in the hands of the SEO prior to the closing date for team entry. It will then be sent to the host club who has ultimate say in where pool players go as best fits their carnival.

** An interstate player may not play at the State Championships, in the championship grade, unless they have played two tournaments in the state of WA.

 Intrastate – within WA

A player wishing to transfer from one club to another within the state of WA can do so if they are not yet financial by asking their club secretary to do this in the database.  If financial they must complete the PAWA form PAWA Intrastate Transfer 

This form will be passed onto the State Chief Umpire – email  Once approval is granted (by the State Chief Umpire) the transfer is complete.  It is the transferring player’s responsibility to have this completed and approved at least 7 days prior to the carnival being played with the new club.

 Travelling Overseas

The following form overseas players personal visit must be completed and sent to the SEO who will pass this information on to the PAA and the IPC.

International player form personal visit


International player form representation





National or International representation


Congratulations! If you have made an Australian team you may be eligible for International player funding assistance submit to the SEO to appy

The PAA will want you to complete paperwork if you are a player, coach or umpire travelling overseas as an Australian representative

Personal visit

Representative visit


The current Selection Policy for the Polocrosse Association of WA is under review , the amended version wil be released shortly. 

You will need to sign a code of conduct to compete in a state team your coach or manager will provide this but if you need a copy it can be found here




Taking drugs is prohibited if you are unsure what is on the ASADA prohibited list

The PAA anti doping policy must be read and adhered to

Information on nationals requirements for the PAWA can be found here for



Horse Welfare and policies that surround it…

Horse Welfare
They are the backbone of our sport – the horses! There are many things to consider when making sure our steeds are well looked after – the horse welfare policy can be found here…

So you have had an incident at training and your horse has shown a vice, you need to clear your horse for play see the link for the paperwork and directions on how to clear your horse

Club information and hosting a tournament

Tournament Forms

The PAA Event Activity Guide is a helpful guide for clubs hosting a tournament read more here…

Need help with the draw for the weekend here is the Bowman Formula to help seed your teams and then make a draw based on the number of teams in attendance … and if you need a draw template here one is!

Wanting more information on first aid and ambulance requirements this document will give you all the information you need…

Having trouble getting the correct information on your score sheets or not familiar on how to correctly complete them? Here is an example to help you out!

At the end of your event we want to know your results so we can tell the world! Email us

The state associations needs some club carnival paperwork as well at the conclusion of your event please submit these forms and your gate fees, by the Wednesday  post event… 

Insurance claims and paperwork

Insurance 2021

MoreSo you have hurt yourself on approved grounds at an approved event?  Well your insurance may be helpful in your recovery.  To find out what your insurance covers read the brochure below.

You will need an accident Incident report form to be completed by your accredited coach or umpire at the event where you sustained an injury this form should be available at the event if not use this form here and submit to your club secretary

To make a claim of the insurance company contact the state SEO at for the necessary paperwork 

Concussion – if in doubt sit them out! More information can be found

Support information on concussion can be found here for display at your events Concussion

Do you need a certificate of currency to run your event?

2020 Insurance Policy Wording

Umpiring and the rules  of polocrosse



Need a refresher of the rules?  The current 2020 rule book is the place to look

To become an accredited umpire see your club, zone or state umpire for more information or the tournament dates to see when and where the next umpiring clinic will be held


Player grading

How are players graded?

Information on how players are graded is in this player grading tool – it shows what level of competancy is attributed to how many points – what grade should you be?


PAWA Policies

Risk Management Policy (under review)

PAWA Consitution  

Other questions

Jobs club, zone, state

Jobs club, zone, state

Thinking of taking on a role in the club zone or association?  Want more information?  A job description sheet can tell you what you might be asked to do!

Managing a touring team?  Need more info? Look no further – managers