Blue Bandage Polocrosse is Here!

Blue Bandage is here!

Blue Bandage website offers information for clubs and the new/existing player. As a club you can use this to do an email blast out to local groups near you for information on Blue Bandage.  It is also now available on the database to select as a membership category!

Each state is afforded a Blue Bandage kit from the PAA and we have partnered with Horseland to continue this offer locally in WA.

The kit includes the following;

  1. 6 beginner polox racquets
  2. 6 sets of blue bell boots
  3. 6 sets of blue bandages
  4. 6 videos of Polocrosse the Australian story
  5. 4 polox balls
  6. A3 laminated sheets – Register here x 3
  7. A4 Registration forms  x 12
  8. Order forms


Please feel free to contact your local Horseland if purchasing additional gear using the codes in the order form.  If you have access to used rackets by all means use those as well.  I have included the history behind the concept in the attachments along with suggested modifications for the game. Database instructions are also included for your reference please ask if you need assistance.

This initiative is only as good as you make and all feedback is welcomed by both the PAWA and the PAA to implement it.